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PHP LINQ classes

A set of PHP classes mimicing C#3.0's LINQ (Language Integrated Query) extension methods.
Checkout the Examples and Features this class set provides!

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We are aware of other PHP LINQ implementations (http://plinq.codeplex.com/ and http://linqforphp.codeplex.com/). We received numerous comments about the fact that PHPLinq is not using closures. The reason for this is simple: closures would be our preferred way of doing things, however closures would make it impossible to do things described in this blog post: one query that you write in PHP can be translated into SQL statements. If someone knows of a good way of parsing and tokenizing closures at runtime, we can proceed in the good direction...

Want to contribute?

Please refer the Contribute page.


Current release: PHPLinq 0.4.0
Snapshot: http://www.codeplex.com/PHPLinq/SourceControl/ListDownloadableCommits.aspx


2009-01-29 Blog post on PHPLinq 0.4.0

Check my blog at http://blog.maartenballiauw.be/post/2009/01/29/PHPLinq-040-released-on-CodePlex!.aspx for a post on PHPLinq.

2009-01-27 Version 0.4.0 released!

Check the release page for PHPLinq 0.4.0.

2008-06-23 Version 0.3.0 released!

Check the release page for PHPLinq 0.3.0.

2008-01-18 Version 0.2.0 released!

Check the release page for PHPLinq 0.2.0.

2008-01-18 Project started on CodePlex

Check the initial release PHPLinq 0.1.0.

Team members

Check the Credits for a complete list of team members.

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